Gary Chang, Founder started Eco Living Resources as a complimentary business to his other company Wildfire Community Resources (WCR).  As WCR grew and started adding resources for “Awareness & Preparation for Landowners and Homeowners to be Ready When Fire Comes”, issues began to surface about our environment and how we live our lives and use natural resources, primarily water.  Homeowners and firefighters need water to battle fire.  What if a home can be equipped with more water that a fire engine can bring?  

Did you know?  Every 1000 sq. ft. of surface area on your roof + 1" or rain = 600 gallons of water. During the Fall, Winter, & Spring rainwater can be collected for watering gardens, flushing toilets, doing laundry, and taking showers. This is being done in places like Hawaii and Bermuda today.  During the summer, the Water Storage System can be connected to your municipal water for FIRE PROTECTION. We can equip your home with MORE WATER THAN A FIRE ENGINE CAN BRING. Catch and Store Your Rainwater.

So what if we could use water more efficiently?  Collect it, store it, use it when we need it most.  Thus, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Water Storage, and Greywater Irrigation Systems.

Rainwater is better for watering gardens that chlorinated city water.

I began going to more Green Building Conferences, the same people who talk and implement water management systems are also some of the same people who look and more efficiently use energy.

All of the products, systems, and techniques presented with Eco Living Resources have been tested and implemented somewhere in the Chang home.  I won’t sell anything that I don’t believe in or use myself.  As a result of taking small steps, we have reduced our water and energy consumption and live healthier lives.

Do some of your own research.  If our products or systems can help you live a better life, please call or email.

Small steps can lead to big changes!