Practice healthy living…

Walking, Biking, Exercising, and Driving Less are all ways to strengthen our bodies, lower disease risk, and keep our weight in check while reducing our carbon footprint.

One of the best ways to live healthier lives is to combine Diet and Exercise.  There are many diet programs on the market and many exercise programs too.  What produces results is when we combine both.  Dieting without exercise or exercise without diet is not as good as a implementing a BALANCED DIET & EXERCISE STRATEGY.

A good way to implement a good exercise strategy is to pick activities that you like to do or can learn to have fun doing…walking, running, biking, swimming, working out, tennis, or any activity that requires movement.  Some experts suggest that to stay healthy, we should walk or move 10,000 steps per day.  That’s about 5 miles.  So if you have a job that keeps you active and moving, you may get your 10,000 steps per day.  If not, you may want to supplement your daily activity with a walk or bike ride in the morning or evening.

One of the best ways to partake in movement is to have one or more accountability partners.  Choose a friend, your spouse, your kids, parent, or neighbor and pick regular times each week to walk, bike, or play a sport.

Examples include:

Walk 1 to 5 miles in the morning before work.

Ride 3 miles or more after school or work.

Play doubles tennis.  4 people have to show up at the same place and time.

Schedule 2 or more times a week to swim.

Schedule 2 or more times a week to workout.

Go for walks during your morning, lunch, or afternoon breaks with a coworker.


Walk, Run, Bike Events

Walking or biking in our neighborhood is a healthy form of exercise.  It is also a sustainable form of transportation.  Walking & biking also promotes neighborhood safety and unity.  More people out walking or riding means more eyes on the streets.

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Rules of the Road (motorists and cyclists)

Bike Skills