Rainwater Harvesting & Water Storage Systems

Droughts are real, which means water collection is key! Here are a few products that can help collect, filter, and store water for later use.

Rain Barrel Collects rain water from downspouts for irrigation and emergency use. Comes in 60 gallon tanks or larger, available in four colors: taupe, terra cotta, dark moss, and charcoal.

  • Quick and easy to install and winterize
  • All parts for installation and use are included
  • Includes spigot and garden hose adapter
  • Includes connection kit for downspout
  • 3 year full replacement warranty included

Rainwater harvesting has been around for decades, but only recently has it received national attention due to water shortages throughout the United States. Since harvesting rainwater is relatively new to the USA, many of the available tanks and barrels are not suitable for the average home and garden; They are either too small or too large. With this in mind, Bushman has designed rainwater harvesting tanks that may be a better fit for your smaller residential and commercial needs. We offer two lines of tanks, including a Slimline Series and a Round Series, which allow customers to choose which style fits their application best. All tanks come with features and benefits that set them apart from conventional farm tanks, allowing customers to store rainwater safely for months at a time.